Ertl Mitsubishi Eclipse F & F

This is a Fast & Furious 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse that I decided to do a "Fast & Furious" build on.  Finished in about 10 hours, the model is painted Testor's Automotive Lacquer Ultraviolet Pearl without a clear coat.  

Interior is Testor's Piping Pink" Gunze Sangyo "Pink," and Citadel Colour "Liche Purple."  Ken's fuzzy fur covers the carpet area.

Engine & running gear is painted Testor's Automotive Lacquer "Panther Pink" with out clear coat.

Inside the spokes on the wheels are painted Tamiya clear red while the center cap is Tamiya Clear blue.

Built box stock except for the muffler extension in about 2 days.  I know it is kind of a strange color combo, but I like it.

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Last update on: 01/27/2008

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