Revell 1957 Chevrolet 150

Started September 26, 2009.  Completed October 12, 2009.  Painted Testors' one coat Icy Blue.  350 engine from Revell's 69 Nova, lowered front suspension from Revell's "California Wheels" 56 Chevy, bucket seats, center console, shifter, & steering wheel from Revell 1965 Chevelle.  "Might Mouse" license plate decals are from the Revell 69 Nova kit while the pin stripes are from Revell's 32 Ford Sedan kit.  Chrome Reverse wheels are from Modelhaus, rear tires are AMT Firestones from 66 Oldsmobile 442, and front tires are parts box items.

Ken's fuzzy fur was used for the flocking & Bare Metal Foil Co. bright chrome was used in assembly.  Windows were tinted with Testors' transparent blue spray paint.

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Last update on: 10/12/2009

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