Revell 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS 24 Hour Build

Started January 26, 2019. Completed, January 28, 2019.

Well, it is done! Lessons learned on my first time, KISS. Single color interior, have EVERYTHING in the box or within reach. I spent about an hour total looking for stuff I decided I needed to add. Do a simple tire/wheel change if your going to do that. I spent probably 40 minutes getting those Aoshima wheels, tires, and brakes adapted to the Impala. Perhaps the Impala was not the best kit to select, lots of little parts and loads of opportunity to do detailing ate up time. However, my total build time for this model was, 20 hours, so If I could have worked right on through, I might have gotten it done.I had loads of fun though, and that is what counts. Parts I used, Fireball Modelworks carb, AMT 70 Chevelle intake, master brake cylinder from Revell 69 Caaro, Photo etched alternater bracket, MAS aluminium radiator cap.Custom bucket seats from AMT 57 Fairlane, Steering wheel from Revell 69 Camaro, Custom tail lights from AMT 64 Mercury Marauder, Ties, wheels, brakes from Aoshima VIP "Junction Produce" Aristo JZS161. Rear window trim done with BMF while the rest is Molotov chrome pens. The pen was used on the brake cap, pulleys, and power steering cap. All of the interior trim excpet for the large trim above the armrest, thsat was done with bright chrome BMF.

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Last update on: 01/28/2019

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