Welcome to 2021!

This year marks the 18th year this site has been active. Thank you for visiting!

This site is dedicated to the wonderful world of building model cars.  I'll have tips, tricks, in progress photos, pictures of completed models, information, links to online hobby shops, links to real car sites, etc..

I will be posting pictures of model kits I have built from 1976 to present.  A lot of these kits will be older ones with not as much detail as my later builds.  This is my way of sharing my modeling "journey" to you.

Our new smart fortwo

Bought July 2009

Our 2015 Honda Fit 

bought Sept 2014

  Teddy, 2011 - 2020  

Leah our Bunny 2006 - 2016

Luke, 1999 - 2015

My Dog Chewie, 1993 - 2007

Indy 2013


Richmond Race 2011



Hydrgen Fuel Cell Equniox

Our new Honda Fit bought June 2007
Killed August 2014

New Home

Thanks & Enjoy!

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All Photos & Graphics on this website are 2006, 2007, 2008

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